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We deliver a high-quality product. For translations basically the price is calculated per word of the source text. Rates are dependent on the language of the source text and the target text.


For texts which are delivered by e-mail which can be “copied” the number of words in the source text will be counted for the costs calculation. For texts which are delivered by post or by e-mail which cannot be “copied” the number of words in the target text will be counted for the costs calculation.


For activities such as corrections, editing and proof-reading and DTP processing we charge an hourly rate.


No catches


To TransL Vertaalbureau: a deal is a deal.

Before we start with any assignment you will be provided with a detailed quotation which includes the time factor. We always count the number of words in the original source text, in this way there will be no unpleasant surprises on receipt of the final invoice. After all, the translated text is not always the same length as the original. For example, on average, an English text is 10% to 15% longer than a Dutch text.


Guaranteed delivery period


We deliver professional and efficient translation services at very competitive prices, to companies which are large or small, (semi) government departments, service-providing organisations and private individuals, both nationally and internationally. The job is always delivered within the agreed delivery period. The translations comply with the highest standards of quality. A controlling double-check occurs prior to the product being delivered. In this way we can guarantee optimum results.


General terms and conditions


All assignments are carried out in conformity with the General Terms and Conditions of the Netherlands Society of Interpreters and Translators (NGTV)


Click HERE for a copy of these General Terms and Conditions.


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